About Us

  We went from bankrupt beautician and bull rider to earning over a million a year for many of our 23 years.  We could write volumes of success tips on what to do and what not to do - so we share right here and we hope to inspire you with this FREE information and training on how we went from ordinary people to an EXTRA ordinary lifestyle.   We love the industry and we love seeing others experience the freedom and friendships it has allowed us to experience.  Find a mentor who has done it, find a company you can believe in,  Dream big and don’t ever give up because if you are looking for true freedom - this is it!

Success however, rarely comes without challenges. Its how you handle those challenges that truly shapes your character and defines you as a person. Our biggest challenge was protecting our dreams. People have tried to stop us along this journey and sometimes it’s the people you think are your closest friends and even family. We overcome these obstacles by remaining united as partners and focused on the reality that if your dream is big enough, you can make it come true with consistency and self-discipline. We are both proof that this really does work - if you work it!